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Renee Newton

Executive Vice President

Dove Direct

Atlanta, Georgia

The Baskin Law Group has served as General Counsel to Dove Direct for over six (6) years.  In their capacity as General Counsel the Firm handles all legal affairs of the company, including contract review, negotiation and drafting; all litigation; conducting EEO investigations; and drafting and reviewing employment policies and procedures.  The knowledge and experience that the attorneys at The Baskin Law Group bring to the workplace makes my job a little easier each and every day.

J Mahoney

Atlanta, Georgia

I slipped and fell in a Kroger grocery store and injured my shoulder.  Several law firms did not believe that I had a case.  The Baskin Law Group not only believed I had a case, they got me $150,000.00.  Attorney Baskin is the best attorney in Georgia.

Devoted Client

Atlanta, Georgia

I was involved in a car accident in south Georgia when a car operated by an employee of the State of Georgia collided with my car.  My long-time family attorney strongly recommended I retain The Baskin Law Group.  I am so glad I did.  The staff at The Baskin Law Group is so professional and caring.  They got me $400,000.00.

W. White

Decatur, Georgia

My life and the lives of my two children changed forever when my wife was killed when an eighteen-wheeler forced her off the road.  Several friends and family members recommended The Baskin Law Group.  Led by Attorney Baskin, The Baskin Law Group performed like gladiators.  They were professional, focused, and aggressive.  They took all the worry from me and allowed me to be there for my children.


I will be eternally grateful to The Baskin Law Group.  They got my family more than $1 million, which will secure my children’s futures.  I was so impressed with The Baskin Law Group that they are my attorneys for life.  I strongly recommend The Baskin Law Group.

D. Moore

Chief Operating Officer

Knoxville College

Knoxville, Tennessee

The Baskin Law Group was instrumental in assisting Knoxville College at a very critical time in its history.  The Firm’s Managing Partner, Michael A. Baskin, played a pivotal role in successfully defending the College against several legal matters.  He also reviewed and drafted employment policies and procedures.  More importantly, Attorney Baskin played a major role in assisting the College’s Board of Trustees in mapping out courses of action for the College’s sustained existence.  His business and legal acumen are truly extraordinary.  Thank you again, and may The Baskin Law Group continue to enjoy success.

E. Lee

DeKalb County, Georgia

The Baskin Law Group helped me when I was unable to help myself.  I was injured in a car accident.  The Baskin Law Group got me $400,000.00.  I never imagined that I would get that much money.  The attorneys and staff at The Baskin Law Group always kept me informed and treated me like I was the most important client they had.  The Baskin Law Group Rocks!

L. Thomas

Smyrna, Georgia

When I was a student in college, I lived off campus in Smyrna, Georgia in an apartment complex that both my parents and I thought was safe.  While in my apartment, an intruder broke in and assaulted me.  The apartment complex denied that it was responsible for my injuries.  Several of my classmates told me about this attorney they referred to as “Bulldog Baskin.”  The Baskin Law Group believed in me and fought for me.  The owner of the apartment complex paid me $385,000.00.  Attorney Baskin will always be my HERO!

B. Wyatt

Powder Springs, Georgia

When I was involved in a car accident, I turned to The Baskin Law Group and they handled everything for me.  They got me a very good settlement.  The staff was absolutely the best.  They kept me informed and were always personable and professional.  I refer all my family and friends to The Baskin Law Group.

L. North

Carrollton, Georgia

When my fiancé was killed in a car accident, the driver only had minimum insurance coverage of $25,000.00.  My family turned to The Baskin Law Group.  Attorney Baskin was absolutely brilliant.  He found a way to get my fiancé’s estate $825,000.00.  Needless to say, my family and I will always be indebted to Attorney Baskin and his firm.  If anyone is involved in a car accident, the only law firm you should consider is The Baskin Law Group.